Pillar Type Driling Machine PS40

Drilling machines are generally or mainly used to originate through or blind straight cylindrical holes in solid rigid bodies and/or enlarge (coaxially) existing (premachined) holes:

Ø  Of different diameter ranging from about 1 mm to 40 mm.

Ø  Of varying length depending upon the requirement and the diameter of the drill.

Ø  In different materials excepting very hard or very soft materials like rubber, polythene etc.



Model No.


Tilting working table

Drilling capacity

Pillar Diameter

Spindle nose to table distance

Distance from spindle nose to base distance

Distance from spindle Centre to

pillar surface (in mm)

Table travel

Taper in spindle

Number of speed

Range of speed (RPM)

Table size (in mm)

Base size (m/c Area in mm)

Overall Base size (in mm)

Spindle Travel

Pillar Length

Overall height with pulley guard

V -Bell section
Weight (Approx.)

Motor 1440 RPM 3 Phase 440 Volts

Shipping wooden case

Inner size LxWxH


40 mm

121 mm

595 mm

1050 mm


320 (Max.)

480 mm

MT -4

8 speed

70 to 2000

410 x 410

440 x 715

445 x720

250 mm

1450 mm

1860 mm

B – 59

325 kg’s

1.5 H.P.


1580 mm


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